Who is the MiX ReportMyDriving solution for?

Regardless of the size of your fleet, MiX ReportMyDriving will help you improve your drivers’ behaviour through the feedback of other road users. MiX ReportMyDriving is for everyone, whether you have one vehicle, run a small fleet or if you have a large commercial fleet. Take a look at what some of our current members have to say, and see how we can help you manage your occupational road risk and reduce your accident related costs.

Why subscribe to MiX ReportMyDriving?

The MiX ReportMyDriving solution is an affordable and efficient way to identify problem drivers before they cost your business money.

Does the MiX ReportMyDriving solution actually work?

This type of monitoring service helps drivers become more accountable regarding their driving style. Drivers will be more aware, considerate and safer whilst behind the wheel, because they know that other road users have an easy way to report their actions. Driving behaviour thus improves, with vehicles involved in fewer accidents, drivers involved in fewer traffic infringements and your business saves money!

What are the benefits of the MiX ReportMyDriving service?

By identifying high risk drivers, you can:

  • manage and mitigate your business’ on-road risk
  • change and improve the behaviour of your drivers
  • identify and take action against drivers with persistently unsafe driving incidents
  • reduce accidents and minimize financial losses due to accident related costs
  • minimizing the financial impact of vehicle insurance related costs
  • reduce the amount of traffic fines received by your drivers
  • lower your fleet’s maintenance expenses
  • protect your company’s brand and enhance your public image
  • show that you take your risk management responsibilities seriously
  • improve the safety of your fleet and drivers on the road
  • contribute to safer roads!