Why subscribe to MiX ReportMyDriving?

MiX ReportMyDriving is an affordable and efficient driver monitoring service. It assists fleet owners to improve their driver’s behaviour through the feedback of other motorists. Your drivers will be more considerate on the road because they know that other road users can report them. It helps drivers to become more aware of their driving style. Driving behaviour thus improves, with vehicles involved in fewer accidents and drivers involved in fewer traffic infringements.

MiX ReportMyDriving will help identify high risk drivers that require additional training and/or counselling. Recognition can be given to good drivers. Driver and fleet profiling enables training and safety processes to be enhanced. This helps you to manage and mitigate your business’ on-road risk and reduces business expenses relating to accidents, insurance and fleet maintenance.

By displaying the MiX ReportMyDriving sticker, you show that you take your risk management responsibilities seriously. It helps to protect your company’s brand and enhance your public image. It improves the safety of your fleet and drivers on the road.

How does the MiX ReportMyDriving monitoring service work?

  • Calls from motorists to report a driver are answered by trained security officers at our 24/7 Journey Management Centre.
  • The details are captured into our database. All calls are recorded and logged with caller ID for quality control and verification purposes.
  • The nominated manager will be notified of the incident via SMS and email. A written report on the incident will also be sent.
  • If you are an existing client with a MiX Fleet Manager telematics solution, the telematics information will be used at the time of the complaint to determine which driver ID tag was used for the vehicle. The telematics data will also confirm that the vehicle was at the reported location, with any additional data available e.g. speed, event notifications, etc.
  • If you have a MiX Vision camera solution installed in the vehicle, the video footage at the time of the complaint will be analysed.
  • The results of the detailed investigation of the incident are provided in a comprehensive report.

What is included in the MiX ReportMyDriving monitoring service?

Report My Driving stickers
  • Your membership registration form includes a list of vehicle registration numbers you want to include in the monitoring service.
  • Stickers, to be placed on the back of all your fleet vehicles, are available in three different sizes.
  • Trained security officers at the 24/7 Journey Management Centre answer calls from motorists wishing to report an incident of unsafe road use. The caller’s observations of the incident are documented. Incident reports via the website are actioned instantly.
  • The fleet manager is provided with an SMS and an email notification for all incidents.
  • Monthly reports with graphs are provided to the fleet manager showing detailed call reports, driver trends and behaviour patterns.
  • Statistics and reports are available 24/7 via the secure web based platform, providing immediate access to data. The simple user interface is easy to use.
  • The service is based on a low monthly fee.

How much does the MiX ReportMyDriving monitoring service cost?

The monthly service fee is dependent on your fleet size.

  • Fleet Size 500+ @ R14.00 per vehicle per month
  • Fleet Size 1 – 499 @ R18.00 per vehicle per month

Please note that the above cost excludes VAT and courier delivery fee for stickers.

Subscribe to MiX ReportMyDriving today and contribute to safer roads!
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